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What's the best way to get my smile back?
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We hear this all the time, “Doctor, I really hate my smile…but can it be fixed? What are my options? And can I afford it?”
When you’re embarrassed by your smile, the last thing you need is confusion about your options and anxiety about how much it’s going to cost.

That’s why we put together this quick quiz to help you find out…
  • What smile correction procedure is best for you.
  •  How long it will take.
  •  Whether the procedure will fit your budget.
After you complete the quiz, we'll send you an email with your personalized results.
No fee. No obligation. No lectures. No embarrassment.

Take our quick and simple one minute quiz to find out the best way to get your smile and your confidence back today!
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Take a look at these great cases and you'll understand why our patients are so happy! We provide
a totally different dental experience:
Ready to find out the best way to get your smile back today? 

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Get Your Smile – and Your Confidence – Back!
If you are here, you are probably embarrassed by your smile. I know what it's like to constantly hide your smile because you're embarrassed by your teeth. It's something you've been enduring for years and has held you back in social situations.

We have helped literally hundreds of people from Georgia and beyond get their smile back so they can:
  •  Feel confident in social situations—including work, friends, family and their dating life.
  •  Not feel self-conscious every time they smile, or worry about getting awkward glances toward their mouths.
Whatever the reason, you are probably tired of putting up with those weird glances toward your mouth from strangers, friends or family members every time you smile. Or worse, being afraid to smile or talk to new people for fear of being judged.

The good news is you don't have to put up with ugly or embarrassing teeth anymore.

Dr. Jones has helped literally hundreds of patients to get new smiles they feel confident with, including patients with:
Broken or Missing Teeth in their Smile
Chipped, Worn or Mismatched Teeth
Gaps, Spaces, Crowded or Crooked Teeth
Stained, Yellow, or Dark Teeth
What Your Neighbors are Saying About Us
Success stories from patients just LIKE YOU...
"I had not been to the dentist probably for 8 years prior to coming to Jones Smiles. I am the patient that was crying in the car and did not want to come in these doors whatsoever. But once I came in here, the staff was so warm and friendly and Dr. Jones was very sincere...and he does wonderful sedation, which can get you through anything, any procedure you have whatsoever.

Now, after all these implants, I have no problems coming here- It's like going shopping, almost now. They welcome you when they come in, they cater to your needs. I was the patient that said, "Do not make me sit in that chair and wait". Even though they give you a little medication in the morning to relax you, I said, "Please don't make me sit in that chair and get me back there as soon as possible because the tears will be coming" and they did exactly what I asked for. And the best part is, you go to sleep and you wake up and it"s all over. I'm turning 40, getting close to 40 and you know, 40 want to be 20 again.

So, I felt that it was time and to be honest, I was living in a lot of pain and it was important for me to have a beautiful smile again. Prior to getting all of my dental work done with Jones Smiles, my smile would be more like this but now, my smile is like this and I have a lot more confidence in myself. I would tell people that are sitting at the chair, afraid to come in to the dentist that this is 100% the place to be. Dr. Jones will 100% take care of you. His staff will make every possible effort to make it easy for you and you need to get it done because it's worth it."

"My name is Ken and I've been a patient here at Jones Smiles for about 4 years now. For many years, I had dealt with my teeth like I feel like a lot of my friends do and just fix as needed. I just let things go that shouldn't be let go and I finally got to the point where I felt like I really ought to try to do something proactive before I was left with some real problems and that's when I decided that I needed some serious repair done.

If we're talking about why I decided to get work done, it's like, I guess I'm more of a practical person and I kind of compared it to - I had an old furnace that I'd had for 25 years; I've been piecing and patching it together. So, I know that on that cold winter morning, that's when I was really going to have the problem and I've seen it happen to other people and my parents and I didn't want that extreme problem to happen all at one time. I knew it was coming, I had put off the expense as long as I felt like I could but then it became less of the expense and more of I want to improve my life and improve my appearance and I feel like that's what was accomplished with being here with Dr. Jones."

"My name is Joyce and I've been a patient of Dr. Jones for about a year. My teeth were discolored; I had a lot of gum problems due to chemotherapy and lost you a lot of strength in the teeth. So, they were in bad shape. Angela kind of walked me through everything and I felt really cared for and appreciated and just felt really at ease because my teeth were deteriorating, so I needed to have work done. Basically the whole top of my mouth was redone and I just feel really good about it.

I hated to smile, my pictures looked horrible and it was just really uncomfortable especially when I saw the pictures of them. You see yourself and it looks bad enough and then you see a photograph and then you really see how bad they are. I just wanted to be able to have a nice smile and have healthy teeth and healthy gums. Because I had fear and because I have a low threshold for pain especially in the mouth area, I was like, "Yeah put me out" and it was a breeze, I woke up and it was done.

I feel more confident, I don't feel ashamed of opening my mouth, I was floored and looking back at the before and after; it's like a totally different person."

Ready to find out the best way to get your smile back today? 
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Ready to find out the best way to get your smile back today? 
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